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A prime example of 60’s fashion is the television show Mad Men. Evidently, the show is set in the 1960’s and the costume designers do an excellent job with the fashion.  

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Haven’t been on in forever! Sorry about that, I’ll be posting soon. Love you guys!

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Sixties Icons:

Brigitte Bardot 

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Best bands of all the time

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Like today, dresses in the 60’s varied. Though a straight dress with a short hemline was the most popular, there were quite a bit of dresses that flared out like in picture 3.

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Pattie Boyd 

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Max Factor 1968


Max Factor 1968

Jackie Kennedy had a huge influence on 60’s fashion. As the First Lady, she had all eyes on her, which turned her into a fashion icon. She wore and popularized many of the styles back then, such as structured pieces and the pillbox hat. Today Jackie still remains a top fashion icon and inspiration.

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